Jiangxi Beluns Plastic Co.,LTD (江西百仑斯特种塑料有限公司. establish in 2006 year. Location in beautiful of Nanshi Economic Development Zone, Wuning Country, Jiujiang city Jiangxi province, china. Profession manufacture series engineering plastic products. Main products including : PTFE, Graphite Fills PTFE, Fiberglass Fills PTFE, Bronze Fills PTFE, Carbon Fills PTFE, Aramid Fiber Fills PTFE. Sheet, Rod, Tube and Gasket. According fluoroplastics center, gather research and development, production, sales for integration. Export style manufacture enterprise and have some sets machines and more production lines.

Products application area: The medical industry, food industry, steel metallurgy, nonferrous metals, aerospace, rail transportation, hardware, automotive electronics, home appliances and other fields. We regard ourselves as an enterprise that is flexible and one that works closely with its clients in order to provide them with the best possible products, an excellent service and above all a reasonable pricing system

All our products are of a very high quality and our standards of production and quality management are conducted in accordance with ISO9001. We like to think of ourselves and the talented individuals we are fortunate to have on board as technically competent and a force for the future in our field. We have gained over 9years of experiences in this line of production and can proudly state that our goods have been warmly accepted by buyers in the USA, Europe, Spain, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

We invite you to try our company and contact us for more details, as we are more than willing to discuss your needs and requirements. With our most trusted overseas clients, we look to build strong credible partnerships and do business that gives benefits to both sides.

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